The 2014 fall baseball and softball Districts will be held this week. the baseball Districts line-up include Oilton, Mason, and Shidler and will begin Thursday at 10:00 am @ Oilton. The softball Districts include Oilton, Carney, and Coyle and begin Thursday  at 10:00 @ Carney. Everyone come show your support and cheer on your team!

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Mrs. Heisler’s retirement

Our middle school science and the academic team sponsor retired after 30 years of working for Oilton Public Schools. Mrs. Heisler has played many roles and positions in this school, whether it was helping out with the 8th grade graduation or just  being a science teacher. She’s impacted many lives including mine, and many other students as well in the past 30 years. I had her for all three years in middle school and many of my memories have her in it, especially from my class’s 8th grade class trip to Branson, Missouri.

She will be greatly missed! The oilton faculty threw her a going-away-party, and here are some photos from it.  The teachers and faculty chipped in and  bought her a swing for her new house in the country.


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Stressed to the max

Have you ever been stressed out over school? It seems like you have so much on your plate that you don’t want to do anything but sleep? In the fall, rountine starts to set in, you get used to getting up, going to school, and to a certain schedule. But once this happens it doesn’t take long for things to start falling apart around you. Homework, tests, projects, essays–everything hits you at once. You don’t feel like doing anything besides what you actually need to do. School tends to get overwhelming very quickly, and many students drop out or just quit doing their work. Some teachers don’t stop to think that we have a life outside of school. We all deal with family problems, stuff at work, and sometimes even relationships. School can be rough, but when you have problems at home, it makes it worse. That adds even more stress to your plate.

In most schools you have counselors you can talk to or your friends, or even close teachers. Don’t keep everything in when you are stressed; sometimes talking to someone about everything helps. The longer you keep it in and don’t do anything about it, the more it gets to you. Some people don’t realize that stress can be bad for your health. It can cause depression, insomnia, bad eating habits, etc. So just talk to someone, take a few minutes out of your day to pray; just don’t think that you have to deal with everything alone. There is always going to be someone to lend a hand and help out.


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Judging Others

Whether you are nice, rude, sarcastic or kind you have judged someone at one point in your life; no matter who you are you judge people. Judging is almost human instinct, you learned to judge by the time you were five or even younger. We judge when we are picking out clothes, listening to music, and meeting someone new. Some types of judgements are good and beneficial, like deciding the correct paths to take or picking out a nice career.

Some bad judgements include judging someone after a bad first impression, judging someone based on the bad things you’ve heard or even judging someone based on their outer appearance. People are too quick to judge. I am guilty of this myself. People are afraid they may give off the wrong impression or make themselves seem weird all because we’re afraid that people will judge us from the start.

From now on, take the time to get to know someone before you decide whether or not you like them. You never know, you may just develop a great friendship all because you took the time to really get to know someone before judging them.

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August Snap Shots

IMG_2619 Mrs. Roberts- English teacher

IMG_2620 Mrs. Travis- Science Teacher


Kolby Caldwell


Randa Cole and Kelsey Simmons


Left: Randa Cole and Kelsey Simmions; Right: Tristen Odle and Chyenne Bear


Johnathan Simmions


Noah Bridwell


Bethany Hollingsworth, Aaron Gann and Kiersten Big pond


Canann Clackler


Chris Wesley


Lily Muse and Teagan Polm


Kelsi Youtsey

IMG_2634Mr. Justice- Coach


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Being Yourself

When you are going through middle school and high school you tend to loose sight of who you are. You get caught up in what everyone else wants you to be or who you think you should be based on how you’ve seen other people do or act. People do this because they want others to like them and accept them. High school students often change themselves to fit in with the popular crowd because they feel almost forced too by the media and etc.

I’m writing this because I want to encourage people to really embrace who they are instead of hiding it. I’ve heard people call others names and make fun of them because they’re different. Why do people do that? Why do we put down others for being themselves, when in reality we really should be encouraging them. Even though people may make fun of you, or single you out, I encourage you to be true to yourself, not follow others or do what you think people want you to do. Do what you want, not what others want you to do. Because if you don’t, you’re not you anymore, you’re somebody someone else made you.

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The changing times

We are going into our third week of school and I’m pretty sure over half of us are already tired of it. As a senior, it’s already getting stressful, having to worry about taking the ACT test or if I have enough credits to graduate, and even getting baby pictures ready for the senior slide show. It honesty doesn’t even feel like I’m a senior. Even though I hear people calling us  “big bad seniors” or just having senior meetings and planning our senior trip, it doesn’t feel like I am.

You really don’t think about how fast your high school years go by, you remember walking into your first day of freshmen year and then walking into your senior year, you don’t feel any different. Just thinking that this is your last year to actually be a kid and have freedom, because after this year it’s time to grow up. There’s no more time for fun and games. You start thinking about college, relationships, commitments–just your future in general. Getting scared yet? I know I am. There is the overwhelming feeling that I won’t ever be coming back to this school after this year is up, that everything’s going to change.  From here on out, every decision, whether it’s big or little, affects your life. It could be in a good way or bad. But that’s life; nothing ever stays the same. You get older, your friends start separating, and people get married and are having kids. It doesn’t seem like things change but over an amount of time you look back and everything’s different. But whether you’re ready or not,  it’s coming.

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