Formal Fashion

With Oilton’s winter formal coming up, I decided to write about formal fashion. Formal doesn’t mean you have to necessarily wear a dress or a tuxedo. Just look nice. Chances are, nobody will even care what you look like; you’re just there to make memories.

If you’re a typical girl, you’re going to want a dress for any formal occasion. Nothing too over the top, though. Remember, this is formal, not prom. Long dresses, short dresses, high-low dresses–they all work. You don’t even have to wear a dress. Slacks and a nice shirt work just as well. Boys, you don’t have to wear a tux. Nice jeans, or slacks, and a button-up shirt works just as well.

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Your ex. The enemy or your friend?

Have you ever wondered how people act around there exes? Are they friends or do they hate each other? Today, it’s usally both. If things ended badly, you probably hate each other and aren’t on speaking terms, and their names just makes you mad. But if things were equally okay between you two, you are more than likely to be good friends.

Some people are even best friends with their exes. It might be awkward and could cause problems for future relationships. If you become  friends with one of your exes, you might find yourself talking or joking around about stuff that happened in your relationship.  That would be a very happy ending for both of you.

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Macklemore on Sesame Street?

Is that Macklemore with Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street?

Macklemore starred as a guest on Sesame Street in the latest episode this past Monday. Oscar the Grouch and his other Grouch friends sing a parody of Macklemore’s famous song Thrift Shop with none other than Macklemore himself.

We hear Macklemore and we think about his  song Thrift Shop. This parody changes the way we look at him. In this video he raps about how “one mans junk” is “another Grouch’s outfit”. You can listen to this catchy song above.

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Driverless Vehicles?

A driverless car? It sounds too good to be true, right? Mercedes-Benz released a prototype of a driverless car to the public at the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week. The car made it look like we’re in the future. Just think of the possibilities we could have with this kind of technology.

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion looks very futuristic, with it’s sleek body that is different, but not a bad different. The inside looks even more futuristic. It looks very luxurious. It has very comfortable seats that even recline. When we look at this futuristic car, we think about what the future really does have in store for us.



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Choose Your Battles.

Drama, Drama, Drama! I hate it. It’s annoying, causes unnecessary stress and ends or complicates relationships every day. Unfortunately there is drama in everyone’s lives, whether you want it or not. But I’ve noticed there is more drama in high school than anywhere else. Why is that? I’ve given this a lot of thought and what I’ve come up with is kids in high school are still pretty young.  We like to think we’re adults but we’re really not. Most of us don’t have bills to pay or kids to feed… hopefully. Anyway, we haven’t grown up yet, and we still have a few things to learn. One of them being how to handle conflict.

These days it’s very common for someone to post all their drama on Facebook; they look at it as a type of therapy to let out their feelings. But in reality all that’s doing is causing more drama. Posting things online only gets more people involved, which means putting their two cents in, which most of the time isn’t heartfelt advice. When you get into an argument with someone, handle it like a mature adult. Don’t post on Facebook about how a certain someone did you wrong. Go to that person quietly and talk things through. Putting things online only makes you look like a coward and makes you look childish for not being able to handle it on your own. Think smart when you are dealing with conflict.

If you have someone saying bad things about you on Facebook or any other site, my advice would be to ignore it. As crazy as it may seem, some people just crave drama and they love the attention of having people bicker with them. You should ignore those people instead of giving them what they want and that’s for you to comment back with something rude. Ignore them, or help them with their problem.  Try to be their friend or just tell them how you feel, but in a nice manner. Let them know nicely that they need to find another way to resolve their problem.

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Movie Review: “Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb”

The movie,  Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb is the third movie of the series. It consists of the night guard ( Ben Stiller ) and other museum artifacts trying to figure out what is wrong with the magical tablet, because its slowly being covered by green rust. When the green rust grows, the museum artifacts get very weird. If the tablet becomes entirely engulfed by the green rust then the artifacts, Theodore Roosevelt, (Robin Williams) Jedediah, (Owen Wilson) and the others won’t come alive at night anymore. The group goes to the London museum to talk to the Egyptian Pharaoh ( Ahkmenrah’s father ) because he knows a lot about the tablet. The movie consists of the group trying to make their way through the museum with the new artifacts that are coming alive for the first time so they can save the tablet, furthermore saving the artifacts.

I really enjoyed this movie, but the main reason I went to see this film was because this was the very last film Robin Williams was featured in. Robin Williams was a fantastic actor who played in movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, and Aladdin.


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Makeup: Contouring and Highlighting 101

What exactly does contouring mean? Basically, it gives the face an illusion of looking close to perfect. You can accomplish this by applying a liquid bronzer or foundation that is three shades darker than your natural skin color. Then you apply this in areas you want to seem smaller; for example, your nose or chin. Highlighting is actually the exact opposite but it has the same concept. This is where you accentuate a specific part of your face by using a lighter shade than your all over color, this will make the lighter areas seem bigger. This technique can seriously make you look perfect and airbrushed. But with that said, this isn’t something you want to do everyday, unless you’re Kim Kardashion.

First step in contouring/ highlighting:

1. Prime the face! Primer makes your makeup stay on longer and it brings out colors. Here are some product options: Cheaper/ More Expensive.


2. Use a concealer brush to apply of course concealer, that is 2 or 3 shades lighter then you’re skin tone. Make a inverted triangle under the eye and touching the sides of the nose going up toward the brow. Product options: Cheaper/ More expensive.

3. Take that some concealer and make a straight line going down the bridge of the nose. Also when you reach the forehead fan out the concealer in small strokes.

4. Next apply on the chin, is you have a small chin use more concealer, if you have a big chin use less.

5. Go around the nostrials with the conceal, this will diminish redness. When you bring up the concealer more to the hair line it will make the face seem more lifted

6. Use a foundation 3 to 4 shades darker then skin tone, start by applying around forehead edges and down the hair line, across the jaw line and bringing it all the way to the chin. Also apply to the hallows of the cheek bones. If you want a more smaller, straight nose take the product and make a straight line on the sides of the nose. Product options: Cheaper/ more expensive

7. Use a foundation brush to blend the two colors all together!Work from outside in and work in sections. Set the work with powder.

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Some people have absolutely no clue what a cardigan is, let alone how to wear one. But that’s why I’m here.  Cardigans are worn over pretty much any type of shirt: tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, anything! They’re usually pretty heavy in weight, so they would be too hot to wear in summer. They are worn usually in winter.

Cardigans are worn by both boys and girls, and look great on either one. Grey is a common color for any guy looking for a cardigan. Girls are usually seen in colorful, pretty print ones. Cardigans are comfortable, and they keep you warm in the winter.

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Hang in there!

Now that it’s the New Year, a lot of kids are very anxious for school to end and for summer to begin. Because of this, students may start slacking off on homework and not keeping up attendance. I’ve noticed over break that I was dreading going back to school but I’m going to try to not let that affect me these last couple months of school.

This is very common for seniors, especially. You’re almost out of school and you really don’t feel like pushing yourself anymore. I’ll admit, some of the things you are taught in high school aren’t exactly necessary. But by studying you learn how to push yourself and you become a lot more educated about the world around you. So I encourage you to try your very best these last few months because I promise you,  it will be so rewarding to look back at all that you have accomplished, even when you didn’t feel like trying most of the time. High school is going to fly by when you look back on it, even though now it might seem like it’s dragging on and on. Do your absolute best with everything you do, and I promise you it will be worth it in the end.

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Coming to an end

Have you ever thought about what’s going to happen after high school? It’s not talking about college or what your plan is, and all that nonsense that people keep asking you about. I’m talking about your friends, how your personality is going to change. Will you grow up and become someone else, or will you stay exactly the same? They say everyone changes after high school but I tend to disagree in some ways. Not everyone changes; you have those people that stay in the same hometown you grew up in and become the next mayor or they become a nobody. Then you have the other people that actually make something of themselves. I’m scared to see everyone part ways, but in a way, I’m exited to see where life takes them.

Right now, as a high schooler, you really don’t think about how things are going to be  ten years down the road. You’ll be married with children and living your life. Some people don’t look at things that way; they just want to think about living life now. They plan for tomorrow and not for years to come. It is scary thinking that after this year everything changes. You won’t have the same friends; you won’t be doing the same thing you have been for four years, or spending everyday with the same people.

You think high school is just a waste of time.  Well most people do anyway. You learn many things besides actual work. You learn who you really are, who your true friends are, how to laugh, to love, to cry, and to do everything last minute, but it somehow still works out. You spend four long,  yet short years in the same classrooms with the same people every single day. Does it scare you that all of this is about to change? I can honestly sit here and say that I wish I wouldn’t have wished these four years away. They went by way too fast.  Now it’s all coming to an end very soon, whether you want it to or not.They say everything good must come to an end and High School is definitely one of those things.

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