Season Updates 11-12-14

With the beginning of basketball season, so far the Lady Panthers are at 1-1 with the first game against MO ending in a loss by one point with 13 seconds left in the game. There was a great shot in the last quarter in which Senior Sharlie Jackson threw a half-court pass to Junior Lily Muse to catch up the score! It was a close game and the excitement could be seen in the crowd. Tuesday’s game against Olive ended in a win for the Lady Panthers.

The Boys’ Panthers team is 0-2 with both games ending in a loss. The Olive Wildcats ended with an 8 point lead in the last quarter Tuesday with several of those points made from free-throw shots for fouls. However, there will continue to be games every Tuesday and Friday and hopefully our Panthers will prove strong in their season!

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It’s hard to tell if people are wearing jeggings or jeans. Jeggings look like jeans, but fit like leggings. Hence, jeggings. They’re honestly the most comfortable pants in the world, and you can’t get in trouble for wearing them at school.

They are made out of a jean-like material. They look identical to jeans, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if somebody is wearing them or actual jeans. They are highly flexible, so you could actually run in them if you wanted to. They are super inexpensive too, so that’s a plus.

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Thanksgiving Must Haves:

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start making plans! You may ask yourself questions like, where is the family going to eat? But the most important question is, what is everyone going to bring food wise, and how much do you need? My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is, of course, the food. In this article I’m going to discuss what foods you must have at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Sweet Potatoes: I love sweet potatoes! You can add brown sugar, honey or pecans to add more flavor to the already flavorsome food!

Rolls: Rolls are a great thing to have at dinner, because everyone likes it! They are soft and just melt in your mouth.

Dressing: Personally I am not a huge fan of dressing, but I know a lot of people who love it. Maybe if I tried it with butter, bacon or other things I might like it. Remember there are a bunch of different recipes for this.

Pumpkin Pie: You can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without pumpkin pie. But you have to have it with whipped cream!

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Concert Safety

I’m going to a concert at the end of the month, so I thought it would be good to give a refresher on some basic safety tips. If you’re going to  a concert yourself, it might be helpful to refresh yourself on these things as well. If you are under 18, it might be a good idea to have your parents drop you off and pick you up after the concert. Also, conceal your money. Don’t flaunt your money; keep it hidden so other people can’t grab it. There will be security guards at the event, so just in case something happens, make sure you have an idea of where they are  in case there is an emergency.

Also remember to have fun. Lots of bad things can happen at concerts but don’t be a worry wort. Have fun, but also be cautious about things. You will have to arrive early to avoid traffic and crowds. Don’t be late; you could miss the show!

If you ever go to a concert remember these tips, and have fun.

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Fall Fashion

Fall is once again upon us, and several girls have already asked me what the best fall clothes are. Basic but comfy is definitely the way to go. A simple sweater with jeans, and boots is always nice, and somewhat comfy. You can even throw on some jewlery to spice up your outfit.

Sweaters with cardigans is super cute and very comfy. Fashion means nothing unless you’re comfortable. Jeans that fit just right with a floral print sweater is honestly as cute AND comfortable as it gets. Im telling you, I would wear a sweater with jeans and boots all day, everyday if I could!

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Leggings: Yay or nay?

Leggings seem to be crazy popular, especially in the winter. But are they as cute as people see them to be? You’ll see people in public, whether it be in school, work, or just shopping, wearing leggings as pants. I know everybody thinks, “Oh! They’re so cute” When in reality, you don’t look good at all.

Most girls are totally into tribal print leggings with sweaters, which is cute. but let’s be real–are black leggings and a crop top acceptable? Its not cute. Leggings, if worn right, can be adorable. It  just depends on how you wear them. Girls, be smart when you wear leggings. The right style, with the right shirt can make your outfit click, but not so much if we can see your stomach.

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November: the thankful month

School is passing by before our eyes. Can you really believe that it’s already November? Before we know it, it’s going to be May and we’re going to be walking across the stage, receiving our diploma. Since it is November, have you thought about what you are thankful for?

This month is the month to be thankful for everything–your family, friends, accomplishments in life, etc. Most people go day by day in November and say what they are thankful for. You can go on Facebook or any other social media network and see people post what they are thankful for. Have you sat down and thought about what you’re thankful for and how blessed you are? Often times, people just talk about what’s going wrong in their lives and then everyone begins to compare how bad each other’s life is. How about we sit down and talk about how blessed we are instead of all the negative things that happen in our life.

My challenge for you this month is to reflect on the positive and not the negatives.



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Senior Pranks

Senior pranks are pranks that the seniors of  a high school do to sort of get revenge for all of the homework, lessons, and all the work they were required to do in high school. Senior pranks can be funny and humorous, but senior pranks have gotten seniors in trouble in the past. Things like trashing the school, greasing up pigs and putting them in the school are not funny. It makes the seniors look bad. If you are going to part take in a senior prank, make sure the prank isn’t going to get you in trouble or give yourself and your class a bad reputation.

Pranks that the teachers can get in on, and are all fun and games are appropriate. Don’t trash the school, trash the teachers’ vehicles, or make work for the teachers and faculty to clean up. If you are going to make a mess of the school, make sure you clean it up! Do not use anything permanent. Do not do anything inappropriate, either. Also, this does take away the surprise factor, but get permission first. For example, let a teacher know what you are going to do, and get it approved.

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Should Oilton have open campus lunch?

At Oilton High School students are required to stay at the school during lunch. They cannot go off school campus and get lunch from other restaurants or gas stations. Oilton has had open campus before, but students abused this and did not return to school, along with other things which aren’t appropriate to mention. So it’s not the school’s fault we don’t have open campus for lunch, it’s the students’ fault for mistreating the privilege of it. Maybe if students changed the way they acted and followed school regulations we would be able to have open campus lunch again.

What would it take for that to be possible? For this to take place, students really need to make sure they abide by the rules and also respect them. This means, make sure you are back in school by the time class starts, don’t bring drinks into class from lunch, and don’t do anything inappropriate during lunch breaks that could get yourself in trouble. Also, make it so we can’t leave the school for lunch. I understand why we don’t have open campus, because students can’t be trusted yet. If students follow the rules, and earn the trust of the teachers, maybe it would be possible for us to have open campus.

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Basketball Season Begins

The first basketball game for the 2014-2015 year will be this upcoming Friday. The game is in OIlton against Mullhall Orlando and will begin at 6:30 pm with the girls playing first, followed by the boys. Let’s hope for a good season this year and our teams come out strong this Friday!

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