Galaxy or iPhone?

A lot of high school students have cell phones. In fact, most all of them do. But the main two cell phone brands students use are either Galaxy or iPhone.These two phones are entirely different in size, the way they operate, and much more. People tend to argue over which one is better, so If you have a Galaxy and are wondering whether you should change to an Iphone, or even the other way around, here is some information to help you decide.

I have a Galaxy S4 and some of the things I like about it are: When I drop my phone, (which I have done many times) the screen has never cracked or broken. I never have had a phone case on it either, so there is nothing there to protect it. But every time I drop it, I check the screen and everything is fine! But as far as Iphones go, when you drop them you are almost positive that the screen is ruined. Also, with Galaxys you can get free apps like games and even apps that allow you to download free music, whereas with an iPhone you have to pay for the music. But some things I like about the iPhone are you can see if someone has read your text or not. This helps if you are trying to decide if someone is intentionally trying to ignore you. Also, you can use emojis, which bring a little bit of excitement into your conversation. If you are trying to decide on a new phone, I hope this information was helpful.

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Advice from your basic white girl, Randa Cole

So many girls try to be “basic” these days and are failing horribly. I asked an original white girl (not a wanna-be) what advice she would have for lost wanna-be basic souls

  • Tumblr is always in style
  • Go Bohemian
  • Eyebrows are kind of a big deal
  • Our motto is “Starbuck’s is love, Starbuck’s is life”
  • UGGs can never go out of style
  • If you don’t have LuLulemon leggings, what are you doing with your life?
  • Call everybody Bae
  • You must Instagram your food/Starbucks
  • Pretend to like indie bands (example; the neighborhood)
  • You know every word to The Fault in Our Stars
  • You cried when Augustus waters died
  • You think Channing Tatum loves you

We hope this helped you with all your basic white girl needs!

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Growing fashion trends

There has been an odd rising in popularity of unusual patterns and textures in the fashion industry. Anywhere from food patterns to plaid. Any pattern you have seen in the past, is slowly coming back but could potentially be more predominant. Seeing potatoes on a shirt isn’t necessarily considered weird anymore. I have gone into my local boutique and seen a wide variety of prints from Aztec to cow hide.

Some odd textures are popping up around the fashion world daily. Beaver pelt is becoming more and more popular. There has even been  an increase in using all-natural material only. Fashion designers are even using grass to make clothing. Some fashion designers have gone so far as incorporating yarn in their everyday sales.

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Memories Last a Lifetime

With the end of the first semester of the year approaching, most of us are realizing how fast the year is going  by.  For the seniors this is bittersweet. So before the year ends and people part ways, I think it should be a personal goal for everyone to make memories and gather as many stories with each other as you can.

Everyone has special people they  surround themselves with. Those are the people you need to enjoy the  time with the most so you can share the good times or rough times you experienced as a group.  Whether it is an inside joke such as a word or phrase that can relate to a funny experience or a full adventure you went on, you will still always be able to look back on those. So have fun and make productive history with your friends while you can! This doesn’t mean saying “Hey dude remember that party we got so faded at?” and they have no idea which time you are talking about. Things repeated over and over, especially if they cannot be remembered, will become mundane and eventually all run together as one simple statement: “I definitely partied.” No, the experiences you’ll treasure will be the ones you can recall and smile thinking about, the jokes that were made, friends that you spent it with, and what you did.

I for one had this realization with my friends that our year was going to be ending and even though our friendship isn’t, we wouldn’t be spending five days a week together anymore. So we decided to seize our time and take a trip together to a concert we all would enjoy. It was an eight-hour round trip, a three-hour concert, and six hours of sleep, but it was also something we will never forget. So, make the memories and have fun with the people you love!

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Season Updates 11-12-14

With the beginning of basketball season, so far the Lady Panthers are at 1-1 with the first game against MO ending in a loss by one point with 13 seconds left in the game. There was a great shot in the last quarter in which Senior Sharlie Jackson threw a half-court pass to Junior Lily Muse to catch up the score! It was a close game and the excitement could be seen in the crowd. Tuesday’s game against Olive ended in a win for the Lady Panthers.

The Boys’ Panthers team is 0-2 with both games ending in a loss. The Olive Wildcats ended with an 8 point lead in the last quarter Tuesday with several of those points made from free-throw shots for fouls. However, there will continue to be games every Tuesday and Friday and hopefully our Panthers will prove strong in their season!

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It’s hard to tell if people are wearing jeggings or jeans. Jeggings look like jeans, but fit like leggings. Hence, jeggings. They’re honestly the most comfortable pants in the world, and you can’t get in trouble for wearing them at school.

They are made out of a jean-like material. They look identical to jeans, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if somebody is wearing them or actual jeans. They are highly flexible, so you could actually run in them if you wanted to. They are super inexpensive too, so that’s a plus.

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Thanksgiving Must Haves:

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start making plans! You may ask yourself questions like, where is the family going to eat? But the most important question is, what is everyone going to bring food wise, and how much do you need? My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is, of course, the food. In this article I’m going to discuss what foods you must have at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Sweet Potatoes: I love sweet potatoes! You can add brown sugar, honey or pecans to add more flavor to the already flavorsome food!

Rolls: Rolls are a great thing to have at dinner, because everyone likes it! They are soft and just melt in your mouth.

Dressing: Personally I am not a huge fan of dressing, but I know a lot of people who love it. Maybe if I tried it with butter, bacon or other things I might like it. Remember there are a bunch of different recipes for this.

Pumpkin Pie: You can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without pumpkin pie. But you have to have it with whipped cream!

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Concert Safety

I’m going to a concert at the end of the month, so I thought it would be good to give a refresher on some basic safety tips. If you’re going to  a concert yourself, it might be helpful to refresh yourself on these things as well. If you are under 18, it might be a good idea to have your parents drop you off and pick you up after the concert. Also, conceal your money. Don’t flaunt your money; keep it hidden so other people can’t grab it. There will be security guards at the event, so just in case something happens, make sure you have an idea of where they are  in case there is an emergency.

Also remember to have fun. Lots of bad things can happen at concerts but don’t be a worry wort. Have fun, but also be cautious about things. You will have to arrive early to avoid traffic and crowds. Don’t be late; you could miss the show!

If you ever go to a concert remember these tips, and have fun.

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Fall Fashion

Fall is once again upon us, and several girls have already asked me what the best fall clothes are. Basic but comfy is definitely the way to go. A simple sweater with jeans, and boots is always nice, and somewhat comfy. You can even throw on some jewlery to spice up your outfit.

Sweaters with cardigans is super cute and very comfy. Fashion means nothing unless you’re comfortable. Jeans that fit just right with a floral print sweater is honestly as cute AND comfortable as it gets. Im telling you, I would wear a sweater with jeans and boots all day, everyday if I could!

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Leggings: Yay or nay?

Leggings seem to be crazy popular, especially in the winter. But are they as cute as people see them to be? You’ll see people in public, whether it be in school, work, or just shopping, wearing leggings as pants. I know everybody thinks, “Oh! They’re so cute” When in reality, you don’t look good at all.

Most girls are totally into tribal print leggings with sweaters, which is cute. but let’s be real–are black leggings and a crop top acceptable? Its not cute. Leggings, if worn right, can be adorable. It  just depends on how you wear them. Girls, be smart when you wear leggings. The right style, with the right shirt can make your outfit click, but not so much if we can see your stomach.

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