10 Questions with Senior: Wyatt Humble

  1. How long have you been in Oilton?
  2. My whole life, Since Pre-K.
  3. What are some things you like to do for fun?
  4. I like to hunt, fish, drive around, go to bonfires, and hang out with my friends.
  5. Do you play any sports?
  6. I’m a catcher or pitcher, depending on the game, in baseball and I play basketball.
  7. Who is your favorite teacher and why?
  8. Mr. Kennedy because I guess he’s cool and he’s the baseball coach so I have to!
  9. How does it feel to be a senior?
  10. Weird because you have to start life after.
  11. If you could be anyone else who would you be?
  12. Myself, I wouldn’t change.
  13. What is your favorite movie?
  14. 8 Seconds
  15. Do you have any kids or family?
  16. No, I don’t have kids and I live with my grandparents Mitchell and Debbie and Chelsee.
  17. What are your plans after high school?
  18. Be a welder with a nice house and good money and start a family.
  19. What kind of welding do you want to do?
  20. Stick welding on pipes.
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Wisdom Teeth extraction advice

A lot of kids get their wisdom teeth taken out while they’re still in high school. I got mine taken out as a senior and I was super nervous going  into it because I have never gotten any kind of surgery, period. I also had no idea about what to expect, and how long the surgery would take. So since kids around my age usually have their wisdom teeth taken out I thought it would be good if I shared my experience and gave some advice about what kind of things you can expect.

Depending on your situation, you could go to a dentist to get your wisdom teeth out, or, if it’s more complicated, you’ll have to go to a oral surgeon; that’s what I had to do. The morning of the day I got my wisdom teeth out I couldn’t eat breakfast because you’re not supposed to eat 12 hours before your surgery. I got there 30 minutes early, and when I was sitting there, I was hoping I would see someone come out who had gotten their wisdom teeth out because I wanted to see if they were loopy or if I could tell if they were in a lot of pain.

They called my name and I followed a woman to a room, in the room there were about three people, and there was a dentist chair covered in plastic in the center. The oral surgeon started to tell me they were going to give me some anesthesia in my arm and all the surgery details, but I only heard half of them because I had dozed off. Falling asleep from anesthesia and falling asleep naturally are so different! I remember closing my eyes because I didn’t want to see the needle, and a few seconds after feeling the pinch of the shot, I was gone– it was so quick. When I woke up, a nurse took me to another room and she wrapped up some gauze for me, then my mom came in and we went home. As far as pain goes, it wasn’t that bad, but I did have medicine prescribed to me to tide me over.

Later that day though, was when it got worse. I got super sick and threw up everything I ate, and my mouth was super swollen and sore. The third day, I could actually keep food down but I didn’t want to eat just because I was so sore.  After that, little by little, it finally got better!


1.) Stick to soup the first day.

2.) If you throw up, try having your dentist or doctor prescribe some nausea medicine.

3.) Don’t overdo it! If you don’t think you are ready to eat something, don’t eat it! You will just make it worse.

4.) Follow the instructions they give you and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist! That’s what they’re there for.


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Cheerleaders working at car wash.

Introducing The 2014-2015 Oilton Varsity Cheerleaders!

The Oilton cheerleaders do a great job encouraging and supporting the Baseball, Softball, Basketball, and Cross country teams. They make goody bags, posters and put locker decorations on all of the athletes’ lockers.  The cheerleaders also dedicate an entire week to homecoming called spirit week.  During spirit  week, the cheerleaders designate each day with a theme. For example Monday could be called hat day, and on this day the students and faculty can wear hats in order to show school spirit. Other examples are nerd day, camo day and neon day.

If all that wasn’t enough, the cheerleaders also raise money for homecoming. So you can imagine the cheer leaders do a lot of fundraising! Some of the fundraisers include waitressing at the Pizza Hut in Mannford, Car washes, and much more. If you have any questions you can contact Christina Begley.

Cheerleaders at Pizza Hut.
Cheerleaders at Pizza Hut.
Cheerleaders working at car wash.
Cheerleaders at the Oilton Parade.
Cheerleaders at the Oilton Parade.
Poster made by the Oilton Cheer leaders to support the baseball team.
Poster made by the Oilton Cheer leaders to support the baseball team.
Poster made by the Oilton cheer leaders to support the softball team.
Poster made by the Oilton cheer leaders to support the softball team.


OHS Cheerleaders:


  • Anna Braswell,
  • Bryahna Zavala,
  • Kelsi Youtsey


  • Cece Dehart
  • Cheyenne Bear
  • Kaitlyn Wilson
  • Lily Muse


  • Becca Bridwell
  • Sarah Wilson


  • Jennifer Parnell
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Top Five

A lot of kids in high school will say that music plays a huge role in their lives. Listening to the same song can get boring, so people are always trying to find a new song they love. With a little help from Itunes charts here are a few of the most popular songs downloaded recently.

1.) Cool Kids- Echosmith.

Music #1



2.) Break Free- Ariana Grande.

Music #2


3.) Shower- Becky G

music #3


4.) Boom Clap- Charli XCX

Music #4


5.) Dirt- Florida Georgia Line


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Making Memories

Now that I’m a senior, I’ve really tried to enjoy the last year I’ll be in high school. I’ve also tried to look back at the years I have been in school and think about all the memories or funny moments I have had because those are times I’ll remember once I graduate. When I was younger, I remember begging my mom to tell me stories about when she was in high school because I was so excited about getting into highschool myself. Movies and TV shows about high school really raised my expectations. They made it seem so much fun and almost magical. I later found out high school isn’t necessarily the greatest.

As I was remembering all the stories my mom told me when I was younger, I got to thinking.   What stories am I going to tell my kids? I tried  looking back at all the memories I’ve made but the truth is, I don’t really have any. My whole life I’ve stayed in my comfort zone and I strayed away from things that I thought were going to get me in trouble. And with doing that, I never did anything exciting or out of the ordinary that would be memorable.    So since it’s my last year in highschool I’m going to try and make the absolute most out of it. I’m going to try and step out of my comfort zone and have fun while I can. Maybe reading this might encourage you to do the same! After all, don’t you want your future kids to think their mom/dad was some what cool when they were young?

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Expensive Name Brands

Everybody looks for name brand clothing when they go shopping. Of course, everybody wants to be in style when going back to school starting college or just buying new clothes. But what most people don’t always pay attention to is the price. Name brand clothes are very expensive and not always so great. I know for a fact you can get just as stylish clothing for half the price.

All the girls are seriously digging Miss Me jeans but they spend at least eighty dollars on a pair when they can spend less than half of that and get two pairs of Wal-Mart jeans or JC Penny jeans. Nike is what I see a lot of kids wearing, especially during basketball season. Nike has great products but I could walk into Hibbet’s and buy a pair of socks just like Nike socks and spend twenty dollars less. Under Armour is another expensive brand. They also have great products but they too are expensive. Under Armour is known for their hoodies, but Atwood’s has hoodies for way less then under armour and I think they last a lot longer.

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Hair color chart - Light Ash brown[1]

Fall Hair

Fall is finally here, and I know I always have problems deciding what hair color is in, during the fall. You will almost always see girls with dark hair during the fall because they’re warm colors. Dark hair looks great on almost everybody, especially during this time of the year. Almost everybody I know dyes their hair dark for the season, so even doing a lighter color will bring attention to you.

A few of my favorite fall hair colors are;

  • Burgundy is a warm, dark color that compliments dark brown eyes.
  • Chocolate brown is a common hair color during the fall, because its dark and simple.
  • Black hair usually looks best on people with pale, kind of oily skin.
  • If you really want to be an odd ball, go for something a little different. Honey golden brown is a nice, subtle color that will look good any time of the year.
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District Champs!

Your Oilton High School Lady Panthers softball team placed first in their district last Friday! They had a strong season for the Fall fast pitch schedule and it showed this past week when they beat Coyle and Carney with zero losses.

They will be attending Regionals this coming Thursday and Friday. The opposing teams will be Bowlegs and Frontier it will be held in Bowlegs.

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Snapshots of the Week!

Sharlie Jackson doing a Humanities Project.
Ben Gann and Jacob Painter working on English work.













Noah Bridwell and Anna Braswell working on homework in English.












Chris Wesley doing a Humanities Project.




Bryahna Zavala, Shelby Marks, Anna Braswell, Megan Poyndexter, Brittany Ray Wyatt Humble, Hilario Zavala, and Chris Wesley on picture day.








Noah Bridwell
Sharlie Jackson, Wyatt Humble, Johnathan Simmons and Anna Braswell working on a humanities project.
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