Don’t get Discouraged

When you try to do something and you don’t succeed on the first try, don’t get discouraged. I know that it can really bum you out if you don’t do well on your first try but think of all the time you have to improve. If you are discouraged about something, most likely you will be negative about it and won’t try again. The best thing to do is think positively and work on whatever it is you needed help on.

Most people do get discouraged and just won’t try what ever it is they weren’t so good at again. Those people won’t succeed, the people that do are the ones that try until they get it right. That is a great attribute to have and definitely something I need to work on from now on.

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Cafeteria Alternatives

Sometimes eating at the cafeteria can get very old really fast. You should find an alternative to it. I like to bring a sandwich and some chips to school for lunch. You can bring whatever you would like.

Make sure what you bring is healthy. You don’t want to get all fat because you brought junk food. It is very important to eat a healthy balanced meal. Last, don’t be afraid. You wouldn’t believe how many people are embarrassed to bring their own lunch. It’s crazy.

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Dieting. When people hear that word they think you are just starving yourself or just eating salad 24/7, but honestly that’s not true. Dieting doesn’t mean you start eating like a rabbit or not eating at all. It just means you want to start eating a lot healthier. Sometimes you don’t even have to even diet to be eating healthy; maybe your doctor told you to cut back on the junk food or you just want to have a better lifestyle. There can be many different reasons why you want to eat healthy, and as long as you’re dedicated to it that’s all that matters. You don’t notice but there are some types of foods that you eat that you can make healthy. Then there are the foods that you just have to completely cut out of your eating habits. Another thing about dieting is you really need to cut your food portions. But that’s another reason why people think dieting is so awful. Dieting actually isn’t as hard as you think; people just make it seem extreme. As long as you’re focused and dedicated to it, you should be fine, and once you see results, you will want to keep going until you either hit your goal weight or you can just tell that you feel healthier now that you’re eating better.

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Staying on Top of Things

Towards the end of school, students tend to slack off on things. Things like making sure you finish your homework aren’t priorities anymore but instead it’s making sure you see the new movie you were wanting to see. The fact that it is towards the end of the year should inspire you to really get it in gear and try your hardest these last couple weeks of school. I know it’s hard to stay focused on school work during this time because all you’re thinking about is how you’re going to spend summer break. But try to find things that will inspire you to work hard and not give up on school.

With Seniors especially, applying to college and getting everything ready for your future hasn’t been as easy as I’ve thought. Certain colleges have different standards for how they want things done. For instance, if you want to commute to school they might have you fill out a specific application to be able to do that, and once you have it filled out you will have to get it approved. If you have been accepted somewhere, call them and find out what all you need to have done. Also, if you are wanting scholarships make sure to find some and fill out those applications and write those essays as soon as you can.

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Makeup: girls wear it every day, but is it actually worth it? Most girls get all glammed, up but others just go natural. Many people tend to say that it’s just a waste of time, but others think it’s a way for girls to express themselves. There are several different types of makeup and for different uses. There’s makeup for lips, eyes, eyebrows, and other facial parts.
Makeup is used to make you look lighter, darker, to cover up acne, and many other reasons. Some guys think that makeup is just a waste of time because it covers the girl’s true beauty. Plus, let’s face it: it takes girls forever to get ready. I’m not just talking about makeup, but doing our hair, finding something to wear, and, of course, playing the right music while we do all of these things.

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Being appreciative

I seem to always focus on the bad things in my life instead of the good. I always think of all the things I want instead of being thankful for the things I do have. I’ve never seen myself as being very privileged, but after seeing the way other people live I’ve found out I’m actually very lucky. Too many times we take for grante the things we have. We always want something bigger and better than what we already have.

Take the time to really appreciate what you’ve been given. Things like living in a house, having running water and food in your fridge may seem normal for you, but in actuality, some people don’t have those things. There’s always something that you can be grateful for. So stop dwelling on the bad things and think about all the good you have in your life, and don’t take it for granted for a second.

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Healthy Snacks

Now is the time to start getting ready for summer! That means lay off the McGriddles and start eating healthy things instead. Starting on a diet is always the hardest part, but once you’ve been on the diet for a while it starts to get easier. Sooner or later you won’t even crave the same food you ate before.

Instead of eating that slice of pizza covered in ranch, eat some of your favorite veggies and fruits with some baked chicken. There are so many healthy recipes on websites like Pinterest. Finding a recipe isn’t hard at all! Although it may be more expensive to eat healthily, it’s defiantly worth it.

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Living in the state of Oklahoma, we know we are right in Tornado alley. Tornadoes are very dangerous. They can destroy whole towns in seconds. Being prepared for crazy storms like these is very important.

Make sure you have shelter. A place in the middle of your house that has no windows is one good place for shelter. Places like Moore, Oklahoma have been destroyed by tornadoes. Keep an eye out for the weather reports.

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Central Tech

There are many different classes you can take at Central Tech. It is a personal choice of what class you would like to take. I take Digital Printing. The classes range from Cosmetology to Welding.

If you like to draw and design, then I recommend going to Graphic Design. If you like styling hair, I recommend Cosmetology. Depending on what you like to do, or would like to learn, there is a class to take. Tech prepares you for certain jobs you would like to apply for in the future.

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Oklahoma Weather

The weather lately has been very crazy. Our state can’t make up it’s mind. Cold one day and warm the next. Snowing one day and storming the next. What is going on?

Mother nature must be playing a trick on us. Everybody complains about the bipolar weather. I really like being able to experience every climate in one week. It isn’t everyday you can say that.

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