Be independent

A lot of high school students are dependent upon their parents for things constantly. Few kids have their own jobs to help them pay for things like gas money, clothes, and food. They just ask their parents for those things constantly. If you are completely dependent on your parents and you are about to graduate and move out, I would encourage you try to be as independent as possible now before you have no choice but to be independent constantly. This way it won’t be as much of a shock for you when you move out, leave for college, or whatever you’re planning on doing.

You can do this by starting to handle things on your own, if you are about to graduate then most likely you are 18. At this age you are plenty old enough to schedule your own Doctor appointments, get a suitable job, and handle any problems you face depending on the situation. Having a job will not only make you money, but will also teach you that you can’t always have your way and other very important life lessons as well. And if you buy something with the money you earned it is so much more rewarding than paying for something with the money you were given by your parents.

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When it comes to dresses, how do you know what’s acceptable for prom and what’s not? In my opinion, seniors should go for a classier look, which mostly consists of long dresses. Juniors should go for a little less grown up and classy, and a little more fun. Short dresses, even long dresses with a little more color, sparkle, and poof.

Girls tend to show a little too much with their prom dress. Classy not trashy, ladies! Dresses with slits down the sides, can be totally acceptable unless it’s a little too high. Don’t reveal too much. You end up looking unattractive.

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April is around the corner, and that means state testing! Some people get stressed out really easily with tests. EOI’s are the main tests in April. The main thing to remember when it comes to testing is, don’t let yourself get stressed out.

Eating a good breakfast is one way to make sure you have a good test day. Going to bed early is another way to prepare. The two EOI’s that you are required to pass are Algebra I and English II. Also, you have to pass four out of seven EOI’s to graduate.

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What it’s like to be a minority

Being a minority can be good and can be bad also. With being a minority everyone sees you as being different and not like most of the kids that go to the school just because you don’t look the same or sound the same. This can be used to discriminate other kids very easily. Once people get used to the fact that you’re Asian, Indian or Mexican, they won’t joke around with you as much, but the jokes will never stop. Even if you let them know that it bothers you.

On the upside, being different isn’t all that bad. You are someone different at your school and you’re not like anyone else. Also, when scholarships come around, you will qualify for so much more because you are a minority. But I think the main reason I like being a minority is because there’s no one else at my school that has the same ethnic background, so I’m separated from everyone else and I really feel like my own person.

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Tech Review: Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker

I’m going to write a review on the Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker. The Jawbone UP is a bracelet that mainly tracks your sleep and your steps. There are also many other things that it can keep track of. It also has an alarm that vibrates to wake you up instead of a sound.

The bracelet has a very comfortable rubber outside. It comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. There is one button that changes what mode it is in. The Jawbone is really consumer friendly.

Overall, the Jawbone UP has been a great product. It seems to be very good at keeping track of my steps as well as my sleep schedule. I highly recommend this product. The best part is that it only cost $47.90.

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Have you really won?

Winning can be viewed in a lot of different ways. People may think winning a baseball game or getting an A+ on a test or even being married to your husband for years is winning or accomplishing something. But have you really won? By that I mean, did you put all your effort into that baseball game, that test or relationship? In my opinion, if you put all your effort into something and really work hard on it, then you’ve won. That title of winning the state championship, that A+ or 27th wedding anniversary means nothing if you didn’t work at it.

Look at it this way, some baseball teams pick players who are already really good, so of course they’ll win games. But when they win those games there’s nothing to celebrate; they didn’t work hard at practice to improve; they were already good. And if you cheated your way through a test and got an A+, you shouldn’t feel good because you didn’t study all night like the other kids. And finally, consider a couple who fights all the time and their anniversary is coming up. Twenty-seven years is a long time to be together, but what’s to celebrate if they aren’t happy together and haven’t worked on their relationship? They just tolerated each other all that time. Those things mean nothing if you haven’t put forth and effort.

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How not to crack your phone

Coming from someone who has dropped their phone and of course cracked the screen, I know a thing or two about what causes your phone to break. Things like not having a case on your phone or not an appropriate case can cause this to happen. Or even in very rare cases, a phone can blow up under your pillow, when you are asleep! But the chances of that happening are very small, so let’s talk about protecting your phone screen. The reason my phone screen broke was because my phone case didn’t protect the corners of my phone where most phones are very fragile.

If you have a life proof case, than chances are the phone will be protected. If not then you might be reimbursed for your money for the case because chances are they guaranteed your phone wouldn’t break.

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Enjoying Life

When I look around, all I see is people with their faces buried in technology. I’m going to admit that I do the exact same thing in public. I feel like this is most of the reason why so many kids have social anxiety. It is really hard for some people to just look up and say hi.

Back to the real topic, enjoying life.

Putting a smile on your face is one way to enjoy life.
Look at things in an optimistic way, like that crazy glass that everyone fights over. Look at the glass as half full, not half empty.
Be friendly! Not only will being friendly make you feel great, but it will also make the person you are friendly with feel great.

I challenge you to go out and enjoy life. It will make you feel so much better!

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Grammy Fashion

As you may know, the Grammy’s happened recently. Everybody was dressed for the night. Head to toe glitter, sparkles, and stunning suits. As usual, some people showed up not so glamorous. Feathers. Even an odd case of different fabrics in the same dress, different colors.

So many gorgeous girls, also though! So many people dressed totally horrible, but there were a few that looked amazing! Some people even wore orange traffic tape. Some women showed up in sheer, see-through bikini to show off their baby bumps. I even saw somebody in a dress bigger than her, which was made completely out of ruffles.

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The past

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and bring someone back? Say for instance, one of your favorite friends or family members. Everyone has those hard days, and the only thing that would make it better is if you could talk to that one person, but you can’t because they aren’t here. You know you would do anything to bring that person back, even if it meant losing your own life. You would trade something that means a lot to you because they mean that much to you.

You hear those songs or drive past somewhere and a million memories hit you at once. The only thing you can do is break down. I believe everyone has those days. It could be something so simple and yet it still hits you.
Days like these are hard to get through; you can try and do everything possible to get your mind off of it, but there’s nothing you can really do. You can hangout with friends or family, or watch tv to try to get over it. No matter how long it has been, you will still have those moments.

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