Food Clothing

As crazy as it sounds, I have many friends that have clothes with food on them. No, not real food. Pictures of food or anything to that extent. One of my best friends has a blue dress with little, adorable pineapples on it, and its just that: adorable. It sounds totally absurd, but it’s actually quite comical to see the look on people’s faces when they see her wearing a dress with pineapples on it.

Hoodies with hamburgers on them, tp tank tops with ice cream–it’s all adorable. It doesn’t even have to make sense; it just works. Never in a million years would anybody think that food clothing would be socially acceptable, but it is. It is so so cute and anybody without food shirts, is living life wrong.

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Make-up Tips You Didn’t Know

Most girls have been doing make-up since they were in middle school, but a lot of girls haven’t thought of the make-up tips that will make your mornings a lot easier!

1.) Place a plastic spoon underneath your eyes to easily apply mascara without getting it on your skin.

2.) Use Scotch tape as a tool! place it along the eye to get that sharp line.

3.) Apply Vasaline to mascara to use the very last bit of the product.

4.) Use a toothbrush to get all the dead skin off of your lips.

5.) If you want your eyes to appear larger, apply a white eyeliner to the water line.

6.) Apply dark eyeliner to your tight line which is the space between your lashes. This will make them appear thicker.

7.) Use warm heat on your eyelash curler to leave your lashes longer

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Is blood thicker than water?

Have you ever heard the expression “blood is thicker than water?” Some people might think that the expression is true when it comes to your family, but often times you find “water being thicker than blood.” I sometimes think that it’s not true. You find that some of your friends that aren’t family treat you better than your actual family does. Your family is supposed to be there for you, support you, and you should just be able to run to them and just talk, but sometimes it’s not that simple. Yes, we all argue and fight, but what is normal?

An arguement might just be the end of a friendship or a family relationship. You and your best friend often have those moments when you get into an arguement and then everthing’s back to normal in just a few days, or maybe not even that long. But have you ever fought with your mom and you don’t ever talk again, or with one of your other important family memebers? Unfortunately, blood is not always thicker than water, so value your family of friends too.

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With tests coming up, it is very important to study. People have many different ways they study. It really depends on the person. Knowing your personal study habits is important.

I study using flash cards. Flash cards are probably the main way I study. Like I said it depends on the person. Flash cards, apps, or just plain reading are many ways to study. I encourage you to go and find yours!

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Being Overly Confident About Sports

Baseball, basketball, and football all have one thing in common: they are sports that people don’t necessarily take the time to pay attention to. The underlying thing about these sports is that they’re not all about winning. So many people get caught up in this and that’s all that they want is to win. Having fun and enjoying yourself is no longer the main objective.

Because winning is so important, people tend to focus on the kids that get them there. If you do this too much, the player will seem over-confident and think they are better than all the other teammates. A team is not just one person; it’s a lot of kids who work together to get something achieved. You don’t win or loose a game because of just one kid. It’s the team’s effort that will decide the outcome of the game.

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Tech Review: iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c might be old, but many people still have them. They are really great phones. They have five different colors that you can get them in: white, green, pink, blue, and yellow. I have the green one and I love it!

The phone has an 8 megapixel camera for on the go shots. The battery is slightly changed from the last iPhone 5 model. The front-facing camera is great for face-time. Also, the LTE antenna is a big jump from the older models. Overallm this is a great phone and it has done me some wonders! I highly recommend this phone made by Apple.

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High School

At the end of the school year, kids are starting to get anxious for summer, which means they also tend to start slacking off and missing school. As a senior, it’s even worse. I had it start a little too early this year. Senoritis is where you’re ready to graduate and you don’t feel like doing anything in school, you don’t even want to show up, but when you do, you’re dressed in sweats and a t-shirt.

Some kids are even becoming stressed out over college, finally becoming an adult, and just major changes that are coming. When it becomes your senior year it honestly doesn’t feel like it. It feels like any other year, but you have more priorities and definitely more things to pay for. Getting pictures ready for the slide show, ordering your cap and gown, and invitations. It’s a lot of money and a really emotional time.

Here it is three weeks before I graduate and I’m speechless. I’m trying to think about how my high school years flew by as fast as they did. It honestly makes me sad. If I could start high school over again I probably would. I would’ve worked harder, studied more, and got more envolved in school activities than I did. When people say they wish they could go back to high school, I believe them because I’m not even out of school and I can already tell I’m going to miss it more than anything. So don’t take the time for granted when you’re in high schoo; cherish it and make as many memories as you possibly can.

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Goodbye for one last time

As somebody that has attended Oilton since Pre-K, I have grown quite attached to several students in Oilton High School. The seniors, ecpecially. I may not be as emotional as the ones graduating, but May 8th will be a very sad day for me as well. The graduating class of 2015 is an amazing group of kids. They have stood up against bullying, alcochol, drugs, or whatever problem this school has had over the years. They have set examples for the ones around them and are role models for not only me, but most of the school. I have had so many amazing opportunites to be a part of many of this years seniors’ lives. They are all truly amazing people, inside and out.

They have left their mark on this town, and school simply by being amazing influences. Many classes graduate and are forgotten, but the class of 2015, you are one class we will never forget. Thank you for your support and positive attitudes over the years.

Thank you for that lecture at the beginning of my freshman year about how fast time flies. Thank you for believing in us as students. And I speak from the hearts of every OHS student when I say thank you for that snide comment in the hallway about being a bully, because those little comments made us better people. It’s been so great to spend the last 2 years in high school, with none other than you guys as my role models. I am going to miss you all as you move on and start new chapters in your lives. So, for the very last time, goodbye Class of 2015!

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Prom 2k15

This year the high school prom was at the Drumright Winery. The Juniors did a great job. The DJ was my favorite part. Everybody there was very laid-back and danced.

All of the Seniors that I have talked to loved prom. They said that it was the best prom they have been to! The place was well-decorated and the DJ was obviously experienced. Everybody loved the DJ! Overall the Juniors did an amazing job!

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Keeping A Diary

Keeping a diary is a great thing to do. It is a great way to get things off your chest without having to tell someone. Writing is said to do wonders for your health. It can serve you a great deal for stress relief.

In fact, there’s so much data about the mental and emotional benefits of journaling that counselors, social workers, and therapists often encourage their patients to do it. The key is to focus on your own feelings during the event you are talking about. Don’t sit there and try and describe everything that happened. As long as you write your feelings, keeping a diary will always help.

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